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Ingredients of True Grade Garcinia

There is no product label for True Grade Garcinia, so we don't really know what ingredients it contains. But we can assume that the main component of this supplement is Garcinia cambogia. Its former scientific name is Garcinia gummi-gutta. It is a tropical species of plant native to Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It has a sour and bitter taste due to which it was used for flavoring foods in the past. People believe that this plant possesses pro-digestive qualities and can even treat the issues connected with the bowel movement and remove parasites from the human body.

The term "Garcinia cambogia" is not used by the scientists, it is common with ordinary people and representatives of the nutritional supplement community. This very plant is also called Malabar tamarind, brindleberry, and kudam puli. The benefits of this compound seem to be overwhelming but in reality there is no verifiable evidence to confirm any of the claims given by the manufacturer of True Grade Garcinia. A lack of government regulations is to blame. As it is a supplement, its manufacturer isn't required to scientifically test their product. The government does not require any safety testing that is usually important in case of prescription drugs.

There is a trial offer which is commonly used by marketers nowadays. It is usually used to encourage the visitors of this or that retail store to fill out a form which gives an opportunity to the client to get a free trial bottle of the product. In this way, people buy True Grade Garcinia not because they are sure in the high quality of the supplement but because they can get it for free. Other ingredients in the supplement are unknown, so you never know what effect you will get.

Where To Buy True Grade Garcinia?

You can buy True Grade Garcinia from the official website of the product. The trial offer is said to cost only $5 for shipping and handling, but as soon as you receive the sample bottle you will be charged the full cost of the supplement. They claim that you have 14 day trial period but, as we can see from the users' complaints, this happens much earlier. You will automatically be enrolled into their auto fulfillment programs and have to pay money each month. The full price of the product is $85.