Provisional Car Insurance | Tips to Make it More Affordable

provisional car insurance

Learning to drive is tough, but the expensive cost of provisional car insurance premiums can make it a real financial burden too. The main reason for this is that provisional licence drivers are considered high risk by insurance providers. Those seen to have very limited experience behind the wheel are considered to be among the most likely to be involved in an accident and to make a claim, which is why they have to pay such expensive rates.

However, there are a few things that can be done to help alleviate the pain somewhat.

What Can Be Done to Tackle Provisional Car Insurance Premiums

If you are a provisional licence holder, your car insurance premiums will be much cheaper if a more experienced and older motorist is a ‘named’ driver on the policy. This can either be a parent or relative, or the person who is sits alongside the provisional licence-holder when they are practising in the car. This person must be over the age of 21 and have at least 3 years’ driving experience in order to be legally able to teach others to drive.

Learner drivers who are being taught to drive in their parents’ car, or someone else’s vehicle, should also be able to benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums because they won’t be the main driver on the policy. If you are only a named driver alongside a more experienced motorist, then your premiums will be much cheaper than if it is your own car you are learning to drive in. That said, whoever is adding you to their policy should be prepared to see their premiums increase significantly as a consequence.learner driver

Remember, however, that it is illegal to put someone else as the main driver on your car insurance policy if you are in fact the main driver. This is known in the industry as ‘fronting’ and can result in your car insurance company refusing any potential claims. It could also lead to points on your licence and much more expensive insurance costs in the near future.

There are some insurers who offer short-term car insurance for provisional licence drivers which can be taken out from between 1 and 28 days, which could work out to be much cheaper than adding a learner driver to an existing annual policy. Click here to read about temporary car insurance.

If premiums are still too expensive for you to afford, then rather than learning to drive in your own car, it may be more cost effective to sign up for lessons with a professional driving school. Car insurance will be included in the cost of lessons, along with any fuel. The time to own and operate your own vehicle will come in the end.

As with all insurance, the model of car you choose can have a major bearing on the cost of insurance. Every car is assigned to an insurance group numbered between 1 and 50 with the lower numbers being cheaper to insure. Try to keep any alterations to a minimum too. Making performance enhancing modifications such as the addition of spoilers or alloy wheels could substantially bump up the cost of car insurance protection, and so should be avoided, particularly when you are younger.

Certain security-enhancing modifications, however, such as alarms and immobilisers can make premiums cheaper, as they reduce the chances of your car being stolen.

Shopping Around for Provisional Car Insurance

As with all insurance, it is best to shop around in order to get the best rates. There are some specialist insurance providers that aim themselves directly at learner drivers, and these can often be the best place to start.

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