Ingenie Car Insurance Review | Great for Young Drivers

Ingenie Car Insurance is a specialist at insuring young drivers, and because they focus on one niche, are able to offer their prospects and clients good value for money. They use black box technology, which other insurance companies are also starting to operate in the mainstream. Here is how it works:

Ingenie Car Insurance

When you decide to choose Ingenie Car Insurance as your provider, you are sent to have a black box fitted, the cost of which is included in your premium. This item is installed out-of-sight, and is the size of a smart phone. This device contains a GPS which measures and collects certain data, whenever the vehicle is driven.

A picture of your driving style – including speed, acceleration, braking and cornering is put together, and a score is calculated based on the results. This score is looked at three times a year, and your premium is reviewed accordingly. The higher your score, the less you’ll pay, so it rewards good driving.

To help you improve and earn your discounts, Ingenie give you simple, regular feedback which you can view online and on your phone. This lets you take responsibility for how you drive as well as how much you pay for your insurance. This is great for brand new drivers, who could get a discount after just three months of driving on the roads.


Other benefits of Ingenie Car Insurance include:

  • Comprehensive Cover.
  • Unlike many insurers who use similar technololgy, there are no curfews with Ingenie. This means you are able to drive at any time of day or night.
  • 14 days’ worth of European travel included. Ideal for that first road trip!
  • You earn a no claims discount as per usual. This is another way to reduce your premium.
  • There is also no limit on mileage, which can be imposed with other insurers


Additional Extras that can be added to your policy:

  • Breakdown cover which includes home and roadside assistance, vehicle recovery & onward transportation.

Conclusion Ingenie Car Insurance

Ingenie seem to want to assist new drivers in getting on the road, whereas other insurers seem to avoid this type of business. The result is a great level of comprehensive cover at a superb price. If you are a young or new driver who wants to start building up your no claims discount, then this is certainly for you.

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Being a specialist insurer, Ingenie are usually able to save their clients’ money. By their own estimates this is an average of upfront savings of £400, plus the potential to save another 21% discount for good driving. You can’t go wrong.

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